Andrews University is a faith-based college based in Berrien Springs, MI.  My roll on campus is in the Department of Agriculture and has two main components:  1.  AU Student Garden Manager  2.  Horticulture & Landscape Design Instructor.  Most semesters I carry a full teaching load.  In addition to these responsibilities I advise and sit on a hand full of committees.  The classes I currently teach are as follows:

            HORT208       Propagation of Horticultural Plants

            HORT429       Computer Landscape Design

            AGRI270         Management of Agriculture Enterprises

            HORT137       Fundamentals of Landscape Design

            HORT340       Landscape Surveying

            HORT441       Advanced Landscape Graphics

As I develop this page links to my syllabus, class expectations and reading will be added along with any relative news.

See our Fall 2013/ Spring 2014 proposed class schedule.

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