Fall Semester 2017 & Spring Semester 2018 - A personal journey in Environmental Leadership culminating in a new class development and offering in the Department of Agriculture.

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This independent class (LEAD 775) was spread over two semesters and based around developing and offering a class in Environmental Leadership here at Andrews University.  The class was offered as a Topics class but as seen above its success prompted the department to turn it into a regular offering as well as make it part of the department core for each student to take.  This page houses artifact samples of the class, its success and some of my background that builds expertise as an expert in the subject. A full syllabus can be seen here. The adaption of this course is also now seen in a new degree on campus in the public health department. See it here.

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Teaching Evaluations demonstrate ranking above both our department and University in all categories.


In the past my contribution to environmental leadership took shape in many ways.  Some have been writings for a periodical as an environmental expert, some as a speaker at other universities during conferences.  The next set of artifacts is a demonstration for that.


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Goshen College and the Merry Lea Environmental Learning Center Invited me to speak at their Sustainability Summit